At Kane Solutions, we provide end-to-end administration capabilities for all forms of protection, investment, pension and savings products.

Our flexible, client-based, web-enabled system and specialist administration teams combine to deliver solutions that extend from product development and launch, to the ongoing management of the instrument.

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Full service as standard

Our extensive range of services and turnkey solutions include:

  • New business services, including reviews of all product applications
  • Document management using secure electronic imaging procedures
  • Reporting services, including commission statements and sales reporting
  • Cash management and trade execution by building a product-appropriate cash model
  • Extract services providing daily extracts of all pertinent product features
  • Daily fund forecasting
  • Compliance services, including applicable “Know Your Customer” and “Anti-Money Laundering” regulations
  • Accounting services, including account and financial statement maintenance, plus liaising with all relevant third parties and regulators
  • Client branded web portal for adviser access to their book of business and client policy information via the internet
  • Policyholder and Advisor/Broker service centre support
in the market since 2000
$12 billion (USD) assets under
1 end-to-end
ims platform

IMS For Operations.

Our IMS system enables straight through processing and delivers multiple business-critical modules:

  • New Business
  • Workflow
  • Compliance
  • Document Management
  • Producer Management
  • Territory Management
  • Statement Reporting
  • Commission System
In complete control
at all times

Delivering our capabilities via a flexible deployment model means our clients are in complete control of how they adopt and integrate our services.

We can connect key administration components into existing process architecture or transfer entire operating frameworks onto our full service IMS platform.

That control extends to every component of our system, allowing each company to establish product-level controls, while full customization means the modules and tools are only deployed as and when needed. Single source data capture within IMS helps ensure integrity of data and lessens the risk of administration errors.

Data access is also tightly controlled through clearly defined user profiles and access permissions.